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Liz Acosta


Hi! I'm Liz.

I make a living as a developer advocate. My favorite part of my job is making technical concepts and topics accessible to all levels of technical expertise and experience. I believe that there is nothing too technical for anyone to understand.

Before arriving at this role, I was a backend developer at a tech company whose product you've definitely used. And before that, I was a social media manager and contributor for a dog and cat magazine. My degree is in filmmaking and fine arts, and my first job out of college was as a ghost writer for a popular celebrity gossip blog. My seemingly disparate skillset means I bring a unique perspective to any project I am involved with.

I am invested in lifting up my community because I believe we all rise together. My own struggles have made me particularly compassionate to the messy and confusing experience of being human.

I love pizza, plants, pugs, and Python, and I believe humans are inherently good.

A 35mm color photo of two empty yellow chains facing each other in a park.